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Jacabone: Live at TOTH!


We're excited to have Jacabone performing at the TOTH Charlottesville this year! Jacabone brings together a cast of some of the area's top-shelf players with a blend of Funk, New Orleans Groove, R&B and Blues into a mix designed to get everyone up and dancing.

Here's what fans say: 

“Do you really need to hear more than "New Orleans groove/funk" to know that Jacabone will have you up and moving? The voice of Fritz Berry, who also plays harmonica, has been compared to a cross between Greg Allman and B.B. King. Joining in on vocals are bassist J.D. D'Errico and guitarist [Jamal Milner]. Doug Wannamaker from Indecision and Everything plays keys and Drex Weaver is on drums.” the Hook

"Jacabone cuts right to the bone with its ripping blues, rock and soul riffs." cville.com

"The festival had great music, provided by Jacabone, that in this writer’s opinion played better and with more soul than many of the acts at Fridays After Five." Virginia Law weekly 

Check them out on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Jacabone-131113880258902/?fref=ts&ref=br_tf