A Reminder About Responsible Drinking 

Top of the Hops Beer Fest asks you to please remember to drink responsibly.

The Top of the Hops Beer Festival wants everyone to have a great time. It's our goal to make sure you enjoy everything that our craft beer festival has to offer. However, we feel it is necessary to mention responsible alcohol consumption practices.

Before drinking, it is important to plan ahead and designate a sober driver or to take a taxi. This is for your personal safety and the safety of others on the road.

Before the festival we encourage our patrons to hydrate and have a hearty meal. During the festival please remember to drink in moderation, eat while you are there and know when to stop drinking. The Top of the Hops staff, brewery representatives, Brew Crew volunteers and security reserve the right to deny service to anyone they deem to be intoxicated. 

It is our pledge to you, our patrons, to do everything possible to ensure a fun and safe Top of the Hops experience. We will notify area taxis companies of the event and have non-alcoholic beverages and food available for purchase on-site.