Otis Lotus

Otis Lotus is a Jackson-based group recreating the music and experience of the Grateful Dead. Since 2011, Otis Lotus has been honing thier craft to bring the most authentic experience to their fans. Self described "Gear-Heads," the band members have all sought equipment to help them faithfully recreate the sound of the Grateful Dead. Most especially, lead guitarist/Jon Miller, who is tasked with recreating one of the most recognizable guitar tones in rock history.

With a songlist of over 100 songs (and growing), the band performs a different setlist every show. And, with different improvisational transitions every night, the audience is guaranteed a unique show everytime! Be sure to check out some of their most recent setlists, audio/video recordings, and all things Otis Lotus at www.otislotus.net

Interested in showcasing your company to several thousand beer enthusiasts?

Vendors of the 4th Annual Top of the Hops - Jackson Beer Festival will receive a 10'x10' booth space.

Please note the following requirements:

  • + All worker personnel must be 21 years of age and have a valid I.D.
  • + Your booth space MUST remain open the five hours of the festival (4pm 8pm)
  • + All vendor categories are exclusive so submit FIRST!
  • + Vendors are allowed to retain 100% of their sales.
  • + Pricing Statement: prices for item to be sold in your booth must be approved by event staff